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"Cannibal Girl" Episode Five.

Dead body in the closet aside, things seem to be going quite well for Ellie and Kristen.

"Cannibal Girl" Episode Four. 

Kristen comes up with a risky idea for a feeding experiment as she grows closer to Ellie. Special guest Lilith Astaroth joins Aurora Grabill and Arissa Page.

"Cannibal Girl" Episode Three

Now that Ellie knows about Kristen’s dark secret she helps to find an alternative diet.

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"Cannibal Girl" Episode Two. Starring Aurora Grabill and Arissa Page with special guest Topher Hansson.



"Cannibal Girl" Episode One

Created by Adam Chandonnet

Starring Aurora Grabill and Arissa Page

with Amy DeMar-DuBois and Mike Wenetta III